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I live for my friends, my family and my art.

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Gob & Franklin - It Ain’t Easy Being White Or Brown

The timeless smashing hit from the album Franklin Comes To Life.

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autumn-frosts-have-slain-july said: Dear Lovely Follower,I have decided to message each of my followers individually so we can get to know each other. My name is Alexandra, I am 17 and I live in New York City. So now, who are you? What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations? I'm always here to talk as I have no discernible life :P Anyway, I love you all.P.S.-If I know you irl you can disregard this message. Or not, whatever.P.P.S.-If you are a hot single straight male in the greater NYC area, feel extra free to contact me. ;)

What a lovely idea!
I’m Darcie, I’m 21 and from a small town in inland Victoria, Australia. I have an awesome boyfriend, a Siberian husky and two cats. I’m currently studying events management to become a functions planner but I always dreamed of being a writer… I don’t see why both of these dreams can’t come true :)

I’m always an inbox away also :) love your blog!

Today, my boyfriend and I made a quick stop off at our local JB Hi-Fi whilst on the quest to kill time between enrollments at the community college and the heinously long lunch breaks of public servants.  Whilst there we noticed to our absolute elation that both KISS and The Rolling Stones have released new albums- ‘GRRR’ and ‘Monster’.  Unfortunately, this jubilant moment was stamped out by taking a quick look around the store at the advertising in place.  Smothering the one lonely KISS poster were countless Nicki Minaj and Carly Rae Jepsen posters advertising the ‘triple platinum selling hits’ ‘Call me Maybe’ and ‘Boom Boom’.  As music lovers, both of us felt the subtle sting just behind our temporal lobes of what we can only assume was a narrowly avoided aneurysm.  Though neither of us can boast being born in the golden age of rock and roll, the idea that an artist whose lyrical vocabulary strongly resembles the broken English of a schizophrenic homeless person (Minaj) can overtake a classic act like The Rolling Stones is irksome at the very least. 

There was once a time where musical talent was judged by harshly scrutinizing record labels.  An artist’s worth came less from their ability to make an album sell, but to a much greater extent from their ability to entice a crowd and make themselves unforgettable- the 60s, 70s and 80s marked a golden age of showmanship and the dizzying peak of the relationship between music and dramatic performance.  Artists like Alice Cooper, The Who and Queen enjoyed widespread critical and commercial success with concept albums now considered integral to the development of rock and roll as we know it today.  Stage shows including bombastic lighting and pyrotechnics weren’t uncommon, and some of the moments of concerts long since past have become iconic in popular culture.  Freddy Mercury’s ‘We are the Champions’ triumphant microphone pose has become an internet meme, Ozzy Osbourne’s head-chomping ways have been lampooned in various TV shows and most recently, Mick Jagger’s cocky strut has been paid homage to in Maroon 5’s popular single ‘Moves like Jagger’.

Which brings me back to the rambling hobo and her ‘five minutes in the sun’ pals.  Though their tenacity and thirst for fame is admirable, what are they contributing to the music industry and to the lives of their listeners other than an inflated sense of self importance and a lesson to their more impressionable fans that life is all about having ‘swag’, whatever that may entail, and that apparently, ‘star ships can fly’?
In 20 years, will Nicki Minaj’s gyrations still be imitated by young artists she “inspired”?
Will the lyrics 'Here's my number, so call me maybe?' someday boast the same resonance as ‘School’s out for summer’, ‘I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day’ or the simply epic drama of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in it’s entirety?

Whilst I bloody well hope not, you really have to think about it.
Is there a place for real music in today’s glitter encrusted popular culture?  Or have we graduated from the sounds that make us feel and think to the sounds that make us feel okay for dressing out of an op-shop as long as we have weed, booze and this elusive ‘swag’ the youngsters speak of today? (that’s right 'Thrift Shop'- I hate you, too.)4

I, for one, still have time for the founding fathers of my beloved rock and roll and suggest you all do your ears and minds a service and listen to the Stones’ new single 'Doom and Gloom'.  I have it linked on my blog :)